Homesulate wall foam is also an outstanding sound proofing insulation, and is excellent for soundproofing a home. It can easily be installed in the interior walls of your home to reduce airborne sound transmission (home theater rooms, children’s rooms). Homesulate has an STC rating of 53 and can block unwanted outside noise making Homesulate extremely efficient in controlling outside noise pollution, loud pets and outside road noise.

Homesulate™, with its extreme sound dampening characteristics, has been used extensively in schools, hospitals, universities, and residential housing as insulation and soundproofing. Homesulate™ quickly installs the wall foam from the exterior of the home, using very small injection holes to fill the cavities and air gaps in your exterior (and interior) walls that allow unwanted outside noise into your home.  The installation process is professionally completed by certified Homesulate™ technicians.  Homesulate™’s wall foam is also energy star rated material so you can receive the maximum tax credit allowed for making an energy efficient upgrade to your home.


The soundproofing installation process can be performed from either the inside of the home or from the exterior depending on the customers requirements. Homes sided with shingle, clapboard, brick, stucco, and even stone can be insulated quickly and efficiently.

Homesulate™ wall foam Insulation was specifically designed and formulated as a highly efficient acoustical cavity fill insulation.  For 36 years, it has been specified and installed in more than 390 million square feet of commercial and residential construction.

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