Homesulate™ wall foam insulation not only combines energy efficiency with noise dampening, it also is installed as a fire retardant insulation, falling under a class 1 fire rating. Homesulate wall foam has a 1.5 hour flame resistivity, almost doubling the industry standard and adding critical, life saving time to escape a burning home or building.

As a fire retardant insulation, safety and energy efficiency combine to make an extremely valuable investment for your home. Adding Homesulate™ wall foam insulation to fireproof your exterior walls, especially on the walls where porches and breaker boxes are attached can provide a much needed barrier in case of lightening caused fires that can quickly consume a home or building.

When tested by independent laboratories with Homesulate installed in test walls, fire ratings were more than doubled in those wall systems.  In every test, the Homesulate™ filled wall showed an increase of fire ratings from 50 to 150%.

Homesulate™, with its extreme fire resistance, has been used extensively in schools, hospitals, universities, and residential housing as insulation and soundproofing.  Also, Homesulate™ has been used to increase the fire ratings of interior and separation walls where deficiencies exist.

Homesulate™’s proprietary foam insulation has engaged some of the most reputable independent laboratories in the country to test our product.  Using the ASTM E-119 procedure, two identical walls were constructed – one empty, the other filled with Homesulate™’s foam.  In every test, the Homesulate™ filled wall showed an increase of fire ratings from 50 to 150 percent!  Homesulate™ does not melt or vaporize like other foam insulation materials when subjected to the ASTM E-119 testing.

Because of it’s unparalleled fire resistance, Homesulate™ has been approved by many state and local building and fire departments as the only foam-in-place insulation product to be used to increase fire ratings on existing non-compliant wall systems. Homesulate™ wall foam insulation has a flame spread of 5, and its smoke development is 10.  For those reasons, Homesulate™ foam is a Class 1-rated material against fires. This is the highest rating an insulation product can receive for residential and commercial applications and the fire rating does not deteriorate with age.