An Energy Efficiency home can help you with your economy.  Almost any home can be insulated with Homesulate™ wall foam insulation. Installing Homesulate™ wall foam can be preformed from either the inside of the home or from the exterior depending on the customers requirements. Homes sided with shingle, clapboard, brick, and stucco can be insulated quickly and efficiently.

Homesulate foam insulation has the highest R value of any retrofit foam insulation today at 5.1 Rs per inch, a full 45% greater than fiberglass and 30% above blown in cellulose, this is great for your Energy Efficiency.

Depending on the age of your home and the condition of your existing insulation, Homesulate™ can help reduce your energy bills. Homesulate™ foam insulation is excellent for older homes where home insulation has deteriorated or there is little insulation to begin with.

Homesulate™ wall foam is a “pre-froth” foam, which means it does not expand during or after the installation process.   Existing insulation such as cellulose or rolled fiberglass is simply compressed against the cavity.

How is Homesulate™ Installed?

Homesulate™ wall foam is installed through a series of small, 3/4” (penny-size) holes through the exterior walls of a home.  Certified Homesulate™ operators monitor both the interior and exterior wall space to ensure a proper cavity fill.  After the stud cavity is filled with Homesulate™ wall foam, operators use a replicated color mortar to fill and seal the injection holes.  Projects are typically completed in one to two days with very little dust or intrusion to your home.